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Tree Lyfe is a bracelet brand whose mission is to “empower you to invest in your personal growth and remind you to always trust the process of your journey.” A tree is planted for each bracelet that is sold in order to symbolize the journey each person takes – that from a seed to a flourished tree. As somebody who writes frequently about personal growth, self-empowerment, and reflection – Indira is thrilled to be both a customer and an ambassador to the brand.

Indira is a Big Sister in the Family Tree of Tree Lyfe. This means that she will be promoting the brand by sporting their bracelets via social media, as well as incorporating their mission into some blog posts on Indira’s Inner Beauty. The messages that this company promotes are very near and dear to Indira’s heart, and she aims to be a big sister for any readers that are younger than her, here on IIB. Indira is able to provide you with a 20% discount on any purchase from Tree Lyfe.

Indira’s 20% Off Discount Code: indira20

Indira’s responsibility as a Tree Lyfe Big Sister is to “remind [her] friends and family that every experience they go through, good or bad, [is] necessary to become a smarter, stronger, and wiser person.” Indira is ecstatic to partner with a brand that so closely aligns with Indira’s Inner Beauty’s values.


Indira’s 20% Off Discount Code: indira20
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