Sand Cloud


Sand Cloud Towels is a beach towel and t-shirt company whose mission is to help preserve marine life in the United States. The company’s slogan is #SaveTheFishies, which is exactly what it aims to do. The company organizes beach cleanups, as well as donates 10% of its profit to 4 excellent non-profit organizations whose sole aim is to save marine life and improve their quality of life in their natural habitat, the water. Learn more about how the company donates by clicking here.

Indira is a Sand Cloud Ambassador, which means that she works directly with the company in order to provide Indira’s Inner Beauty readers with a 25% off discount code to use on any purchase from Sand Cloud. Indira will continually show her support for the brand through writing blog posts incorporating the brand’s mission on IIB, as well as through sporting the company’s products via social media.

Indira’s 25% Off Discount Code: IMidha25

Another goal of Indira’s in working with Sand Cloud is to increase the presence of plus-sized women sporting their products throughout their social media platforms. In the fashion industry, it is not often that you see plus-sized women modeling for stores and brands that are not specifically targeted towards plus-sized women. Indira aims to change that, particularly with a company that is selling items that are to be used at the beach – a place where body negativity is common. Indira hopes to help preserve marine life alongside this excellent company, but also promote topics of body positivity (a big topic on IIB) through this endeavor.


Indira’s 25% Off Discount Code: IMidha25
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#SaveTheFishies with Indira and Sand Cloud!