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Indira is a student reporter, and the student president, for Hear My Voice Online at The University of Illinois. Hear My Voice (HMV) prides itself as being A Central Location For De-Marginalizing The Marginalized.” This organization is Indira’s favorite that she is a part of at UIUC. Indira’s main area of research is biracial identity, particularly biracial female identity. Dr. Janice Marie Collins, the faculty president and founder of the publication, has done very impressive work on the concept of Active Centralized Empowerment. Here are Indira’s publications, and the page where you can meet the full HMV team (Indira’s family on campus, as she calls them).

Hear My Voice Homepage

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Meet the Team

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Biracial Identity

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Biracial Female Identity Podcast

Indira’s “I Am Not A Quota” Post on IIB Featured on HMV

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