The Most Personal Things About You Are The Most Relatable

Hello, sweet friends!

I’ve been reading the book Hey Whipple, Squeeze This” by Luke Sullivan throughout the semester for one of my advertising courses. The 7th chapter houses a quote that I have put a lot of thought into since reading.

The things about yourself you fear are the most personal are also the most universal.

I have been reflecting on this quote a lot in reference to my blog.

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Sometimes I get scared sharing such personal things on the internet, let alone putting them all into one place for people to peruse at their leisure. It’s really scary to say, “hey, this is something that I struggle with. Let me break it down for you and tell you all about it.

I get a little butterfly in my stomach every time I hit the publish button on a post that digs deeper into my life than the music that I like, or something along those lines. As much as I may not want to, I do care what people think of me. I don’t want people to be mean to me, and I want people to have a certain image of me.

All of these fears feel so small when I get a message from somebody telling me that my words made them feel heard or supported in their experiences. 

I am not perfect, by any means, and neither is my blog content. But I consider it to be “good” when it makes somebody feel a positive feeling. The point of this blog is to provide empowerment through honesty. This blog is where they hold hands.

I am inspired to keep writing openly and candidly by the amazing storytellers.

Those who share their truths so openly in a way that touches lives, including my own, are the ones that I’d like to follow, both as a blogger and as a human. I am inspired to be personal, honest, and vulnerable when I am reminded that this kind of content is meaningful on a level that surpasses the superficial. I want my content to be relatable, not aspirational.

Sometimes, it is tempting to try to hide behind content that I think has less of an opportunity to be scrutinized. 

Luke Sullivan reminded me why I can’t.

For content where honesty and empowerment hold hands, read What You Need To Know If You Deal With Imposter SyndromeIn Recovery, You Are Worthy And Strong #NEDAWeek, and He Told Me To Go To The “Other Side Of The Wall”.

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