What I Want To Do With My Corner Of The Internet

Hello, my lovely people!

I often get the question, “Indira, what the heck is your blog about?”

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That’s a fair question. What does inner beauty constitute? What does a blog about inner beauty look like and talk about?

Instead of sleekly inserting the elevator pitch here that I’ve practiced in all of my advertising and business classes, I’m going to give you the long version of the answer.

This blog is my attempt at doing a few things.

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1. Sharing the personal experiences that have shaped my character in order to help others gain a new perspective, find inspiration and empowerment, or simply feel less alone.

2. Using my voice to shed light on issues and experiences of marginalized communities, both the ones that I am a part of and the ones that I’m not a part of but am an ally to. I want to talk about the stuff that needs talking about.

3. Sharing the music that I love that makes up a huge part of my life. In 2018, I spent almost 72,000 minutes listening to music on my Spotify account alone. That’s 14% of my entire year spent listening to music; you could say it’s a big part of me.

I want to be the role model I wish I saw on the internet when I was younger.

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I want to talk about the topics that young girls need to hear about – the ones that I wish I was talked to about by the influencers who I idolized as a teenager. I learned from these girls and women a lot about blending eyeshadow and where to buy trendy jeans, and not that those aren’t cool things, but I needed to hear certain things about the issues I was facing in my life at that time. Maybe I didn’t know what to look for at the time, but I definitely think there was a scarcity of vulnerable content on the internet in that period.

You may be asking why I’d want to share difficult, not-so-pretty, personal stories.

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I really value transparency in influencers; it’s one of the biggest things that draws me to gravitate back to their content for more. I was formally diagnosed with major depressive disorder when I was 14, and the first time I ever really felt a connection to a content creator on the internet was when I was 16 and Meghan Rienks (a beauty and fashion YouTuber) made a video talking about her life with depression. She put into words something that I struggled with every day, and it really made me feel less alone.

Solidarity through personal anecdotes is so valuable in my book. I don’t think I would’ve gotten out of my disordered eating without body positivity content on social media like that created by BodyPosiPanda, BodyPosiPower, or OwnItBabe. This content reminded me of just how important it is to talk about the tough stuff, because you never know who you are helping simply by speaking your truth. 

I want to provide support and empowerment to people struggling with things that I’ve struggled with.

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And blogging is the best way I could think of to reach that goal. I’ve always loved telling stories, and writing has been a lifelong strong suit of mine. I hope to tell the stories, both mine and those of others, that need to be told. I hope to bring attention to topics that deserve it and aren’t getting it. I hope to help people who are lost and need a little bit of honest advice to find their way.

Some of the topics you’ll be hearing more about in 2019.

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Mental health and what life is like with depression and anxiety. Eating disorder recovery and having a complicated relationship with food. Body image and seeking a mentality of body positivity. The struggles of being a woman in today’s day and age. The #MeToo movement. How to navigate relationships (of all sorts) when you’re really sensitive. Life as a college student. The confusion and frustration behind being biracial. Going through grief. Being kind to others. The songs that walk with me through all of it. And more, because who knows what else is to come.

I hope you’re all excited, because I definitely am!

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As cliché as it is to say, I think this year is going to be a good one. I can’t wait to share it with you all!

Welcome to a new era of IIB.


With so much love,


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