What Being A Woman Means To Me

Happy International Women’s Day, my lovely readers! This is a little bit late, I wrote this on March 8th and it is now March 9th, but better late than never!

Today is such an important day because it is the one out of the year that has been devoted to celebrating the amazing accomplishments of women around the world throughout time. Basically, we are all badasses. Go us.

I obviously believe that we should live in a world in which women’s work and accomplishments are celebrated every day. However, we don’t. So, as we continue to fight for a more just world, I’ll take what I can get and enjoy this day’s significance.

Here are a few statements I’d like to make today on what it means to me to be a woman:


I am capable.

Peanuts Español

I will be told I am not capable for the rest of my life. There are people who still don’t believe that women and men are fundamentally equally capable. This is not the reason I need to work hard, but I need to be successful and prove these antiquated sexists wrong. I need to be successful in order to show them that a female AND racial minority is more than capable of any form of success. I hope to be an inspiration to other women and girls one day just like Michelle Obama, Rosa Parks, Frida Kahlo, Malala Yousafzai, Gina Rodriguez, my mother, my grandmother, my sister, my aunts and so many other women have inspired me.

I am resilient.

Mujer De Alas

This world has thrown a lot of things at me simply because I am female. I overcome each one every single time. We all do. Women are strong as heck, y’all. I come from a long line of strong ones.



I am tenacious.

You Can Change The World


My aspirations are way bigger than me, and I think that is extremely meaningful in this world that makes little girls with big dreams think that they’re crazy. 



I am woke.

Gender Equality He For She

I stand in solidarity with my sisters, regardless of race, sexual orientation, or any other demographic. We are all sisters. We need to stand up for each other and stand by each other.




I am powerful and empowered.

When We Roar


I can change the world. To quote a feminist who I love, “who run the world? Girls.” I am doing big things.


My #MeToo Story Matters Too.

Aly Raisman #MeTooMy #MeToo story and others may be 100% different, and no matter whose experience seems “harder,” or “worse,” we are united, we are fighters, and we are survivors. The #MeToo movement is not exclusive to women. I am including this topic on this list because part of my power that I have embraced as a woman comes from the growth that I have experienced because of the aftermath of these circumstances in my life. I hope I work up the courage to share my story, I just don’t know if it will be any time soon.


I am beautiful exactly the way that I am.

You Glow Girl

I am beautiful in my natural existence. I am beautiful at whatever size. I am beautiful in sparkly makeup. I am beautiful with a bare face full of freckles and acne scars. I am beautiful in dresses. I am beautiful in sweatpants. I am beautiful when I am smiling. I am beautiful when I am angry. I am beautiful exactly the way that I am. We are all beautiful exactly the way that we are.


I am in charge. 

Girl Power

I am a leader. I am a boss. I am a chillona. I am the HBIC of my life.




Happy International Women’s Day, you fantastically strong humans. Cheers to women. We rock.

With so much love,



Images courtesy of Instagram accounts that I follow and love.

  1. @vetustamorla
  2. @latinasinmedia
  3. @meredithgraceyt
  4. @HeForShe
  5. @cleowade
  6. @alyraisman
  7. @thatgirlari.blog
  8. @iamgrace

Featured Image: My Bitmoji (yes, I went there).




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