38 Things That Make Me Happy

I decided to list some things that have been making me happy recently. I don’t know why I decided to make the list, but it isn’t a bad idea at all. I quickly jotted down a few things that don’t fail to fulfill me or make me smile like an idiot. Make sure to tweet me (@midha_ind) or message me on Instagram (@midha_ind) if you get inspired and decide make your very own list. Here ya have it folks!

1. Dancing around the house to old flamenco, mambo, and bachata with my mom
2. FaceTiming with my niece (this is my second favorite activity in the world, after actually playing with her)
3. Grabbing lunch with old friends
4. Writing
5. Art museums
6. Singing and dancing in the shower
7. Middle Eastern food
8. Working in Coffee Shops
9. Cookies and donuts
10. Doing the full choreography to “Asereje” in Spanish and pretending I’m in the music video
11. Watching “Big Brother”
12. Making sweet music playlists
13. Coming up with awesome ideas that I immediately have to scribble down
14. Receiving cute pictures of my niece and nephew
15. Pins with activist messages on them
16. Laughing until my stomach hurts
17. Talking to my family members who live half a world away
18. Reading poetry
19. Laying on a comfy couch and having it all to myself
20. Street art
21. Hearing a song after a long time and still remembering every word
22. Binge re-watching “Parenthood” on Netflix
23. Having thorough conversations with people about social justice and intersectional feminism
24. Explaining to people why we need to fight for the Black Lives Matter movement
25. Iced green tea infused with fruit flavors
26. Finding fantastic new blogs to read
27. Reading old blog posts and reflecting on how much I’ve grown
28. Listening to India Arie’s music
29. Afternoons spent in downtown Chicago
30. Waking up without an alarm
31. My dad showing me random reggaeton and Bhangra videos
32. Looking at the colorful flowers in my yard
33. Guessing words with my mom on Pasapalabra before the contestant guesses
34. Dairy-free ice cream
35. Having adventures with friends
36. Going to the beach
37. Singing in the car
38. Hugs from my mom


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