You Are Unbelievably Worthy Of Brightness

This post is much briefer than my usual, but I wanted to hand out an empowering reminder on this summer afternoon. I want this to help both you and I.

Ernest Hemingway once said, “write loud and clear about what hurts,” so there I was, spilling my soul onto a blank Word document. I started writing this piece as a rant. I cranked out all of my negative feelings, which did help me feel better, and then decided to delete each word with the simple tap of a button.

I have made the conscious decision to swap out negatively unproductive thoughts for beautiful and kind ones. Instead of saying to myself, “I am so mad about x, y, and z,” I will replace that thought with, “I am extremely tenacious and will continue to experience success and happiness throughout my life.” I will put in the effort to remind myself that I am marvelous and splendid just the way that I am.

I am so happy with who I am and what I put out into the world. I know, though, that I can always improve and become a better version of my already fantastic self. Everybody has plenty of room to grow. I will be okay through it all because I have myself, and I am enough. I will continue to plant flowers in my own garden because I am worthy of that amount of brightness.

I am continually empowering myself, and right now that has to be enough for me. I am unbelievably worthy of brightness, and you are unbelievably worthy of brightness too.

Sending you lots of love and encouragement,



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