Life By Asha Singh || Dear 13 Year Old Asha

 Hello, sweet friends!

Today is an exciting day! This is the first time I am having somebody guest post on Indira’s Inner Beauty! Yay! One more check mark is done on the list towards becoming a legit blogger!

I wanted to share this milestone with my good friend, Asha, from Life By Asha Singh. Asha is somebody who I have spent hours discussing politics, feminism, empowerment, and life with via Skype. Her blog provides millennials with a fresh and entertaining mean of gathering information and news about international politics. I actually wrote a guest post for her last week, discussing Trump’s America. Be sure to give that a read!

Before I leave you to read her amazing letter to her 13-year-old self, I want to make one quick clarification! Asha is from South Africa, where high school is five years, unlike in the United States where it is four!

Without further a due, here you have Asha’s letter to her 13-year-old self!



On 15 May 2017 something crazy happened (Yeah, North Korea tested a new missile, but is that even surprising anymore?). That was the day I turned 20 years old. An occasion like that makes it only normal to reminisce over years past. Now I’m by no means grown up, I still struggle at adulting everyday (who would have thought cheese is so expensive?!). But I think now I’m more knowledgeable in hindsight.

One year that definitely stood out for me was 2010, my first year of high school and the year I turned 13. Being 13 was undoubtedly my most difficult year growing up. Teenage hormones are so real. If I could go back to that awkward confusing time, this is what I would tell my 13-year-old self.

Dear Asha,

Well you’ve made it to high school, I know how disappointed you are that it’s nothing like it looked in Hannah Montana or High School Musical. Unfortunately, in these 5 years, Zac Efron isn’t going to fall in love with you.

On that note, you my dear self, have no idea what being in love really is. And let me just give you a hint, it’s not like what you’ve seen in those Disney movies you (secretly) still love.  All the guys you date this year, and pretty much all throughout high school, are not worth the time or the tears.

I know you’re looking at the mirror wondering why you can’t be a bit thinner, have acne-free skin or flowy straight hair. I know you’re trying everything to fix those “problems” you have when you really should be loving your slightly chubby, imperfect skin, curly haired self. What makes those girls in school seem so pretty is that they have the level of confidence you should have.

That time your Arts and Culture teacher in primary school called you “painfully shy,” you keep etched in your brain. You wish you didn’t struggle so much with social interactions, and you wish that for once someone wouldn’t use the words “shy” or “quiet” or “introvert” to describe you. It doesn’t make sense to you how some people can so easily make friends while you sit alone at lunch break and have to try so hard to have a decent social interaction.

Don’t worry about those girls that called you names or those “looks” they gave you. Don’t overthink those guys you wasted precious time with actually imagining a future with (eww). Don’t worry about those times you got bad marks, mom and dad were definitely not disappointed in you. Don’t worry about that little world that you’re living in because I promise you it will get better.

Soon when you tell people you were so shy and quiet they’ll be like “dude, why you lying?” Trust me, you’re actually gonna be the social one in your friend group (shout-out to the #squad). One day you’ll get over those insecurities about your body and learn to embrace yourself, love handles and all (except the bad skin, because your makeup is always on point, girl).

Soon you’re going to get a newly found confidence, the kind of confidence that comes from deep within. You’re going to find out how strong and independent you are, and that’s what so many people will know you for.

Baby girl, there’s gonna be downs for sure, but you’re gonna learn so much from those moments. You’re gonna go on adventures and have the most mind-blowing experiences. You’re gonna meet people that expand your horizons and help you grow more than you ever thought you could. You will end up meeting some decent guys eventually (yaaas). You’re gonna finish the schooling chapter of your life on a high note and end up studying something you love (eventually, but that’s a whole other story!).

You’re going to laugh without fear of the future, and have hope and excitement gleaming in your eyes.

Asha, it does get better!





I hope you enjoyed, and please let me know if you’d like me to write one of these myself!

Please be sure to check out Asha’s blogs and all of her social links!


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