I Am Not A Victim

“We are not victims. We are empowered. We are not blind to differences. We embrace and rejoice in our diversity. We have unique voices.”

– the journalism professor who runs a social justice magazine that I just began writing for

These words really stuck with me. I have realized that I am thankful for the person that I am now, the person that I have become. Without having had to fight a lot of dragons, I wouldn’t have any good stories to tell. These things have made me the empowered version of who I am. These things differentiate me in a way that has made me learn to fend for myself in a different way than others had to. Being a part of these minority groups gives me insightfully unique opinions and experiences to share with the world. These hardships that I have endured in life make me empowered, not a victim. I am refreshingly strengthened from all of these heavy situations; they were the dragon slaying stories that I needed. I have these stories to tell that make me a wiser person. I need to remind myself of this every morning.

So, from now moving forward, every morning when I wake up I will repeat to myself, “I am empowered. I am ready to fight for what I believe to be right. I am going to stand up for myself. I am so strong because the best people are the ones who have had it the roughest. I am bound to change the world. I am deserving of happiness and respect. I am empowered. I am empowered. I am empowered.

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